Ethical SEO techniques also known as White Hat techniques should be practiced by every company and every webmaster.
You, as our esteemed client lay your hard earned reputation in our hands while you assign WEB SEO PLANET with the task of applying SEO to your e-commerce business. We at WEB SEO PLANET, take care of the same by keeping ourselves updated regarding any changes in Search engine Guidelines.
Ethical SEO is a process, and as we all know that search engines change their algorithm frequently, so a SEO expert has to learn, research, test and refine his/her strategies. But before we go any further I want to set something straight; ethical SEO technique is something that boosts natural search engines rankings.
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Here are some ethical SEO methods that would help to improve your optimization efforts:
Pay attention to Title tag – A page title is the first thing observed by your readers and search engines. It is advised to include most targeted keyword as per the particular webpage, in the title. Consider this – the page title along with your keyword should make a complete sense and never look like keyword stuffing.
SEO friendly URLs – Clean and readable URLs are good to practice. Try to use your keywords in URLs, if possible, but again don’t overdo it. Avoid use of symbols like & * @ and so on. It should look natural and significant to the page.
Include a Sitemap – A site map is in fact a map to your website and its content. So it helps your readers and search engines spiders to find important links in the site. If you have a big website with lots of internal pages, then you can have more than one page of sitemap, each one having not more than 70 links.
Keyword research – Brainstorm and think like your prospects, what exactly are they seeking and typing in Google or any other search engine, yes this particular term or phrase is your keyword or key phrase. Keyword research is the foundation of search engine optimization, so invest your time and efforts wisely.
Original and unique content – Your website content is the most efficient tool to impress readers and to convince them to become your clients. Always keep in mind that creativity and uniqueness are the key factors.
Writing for readers – It’s a fact that SEO is vital part for any website. But, at the same time, if you don’t write for your readers or potential clients how would you get conversions. So, it’s really important to write for your readers first and then for web crawlers.
Add a blog – Search engines love updated content. If you have a static website, updating it frequently is not quite possible. Still, if you wish to give updated information about your industry, business, website, products, services, events, etc, you can do so with a blog. Simply include a blog to your website, update it frequently and see the difference. For this I highly recommend using WordPress.
Use Text/HTML Navigation – Use text navigation instead of image navigation, as hypertext navigation allows crawlers to crawl your website without any obstacle. If you cannot replace the image navigation, then better solution is to present footer with text link.
Social Media – Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are great platform to share things with likeminded people. These sites have the potential to drive traffic, build reputation and people are actually interested to know what’s going on.
Powerful link building – Getting links from authority sites in your industry is one of the best ethical methods to increase site’s popularity. Directory submission is another good option; submit your site only to trusted directories like DMOZ, Yahoo!, etc also helps in this regard.
WEB SEO PLANET does not involve itself in the shameful act of cheating; after all we are not school kids anymore. We do not present other’s works as ours. WEB SEO PLANET believes such acts to be too juvenile to be worthy of thought.
WEB SEO PLANET shall only provide our clients with SEO services which do not include the publishing of testimonials or press releases or any such material. As these are believed to be private affairs of the client and would not be undertaken by WEB SEO PLANET without prior explicit approvals.